Dark period


The sun has gone down the horizon....and will come back in 2 months. But still we can see twilights for a few hours during day time. It has been snowing for the last couple of days, and the nasty icy slippery season is over. The blue of the sky reflects on the snow. The houses are totally blended into the scenery. I love this place!


beauty of lights!



Last night, I was surrouded by the northern lights at 360 degree!!! The lights were dancing around the sky, changing colours and intensity. It was so special (It was on my birthday!!! Thank you for the amazing present).


Colors of lights


This is a picture taken from my window around 11:30am. The dramatic transition of lights surely adds a charm to this place. From 21/11, we won't see the sun for 2months. 24hours of night means more chances to see the northern lights!




This beautiful mountain is on Kvaøya, a neighbouring island of Tromsøya. When I went hiking, some parts of the track were very icy. Not to mention, as a foreginer, I slipped on the ice and hurt my shoulder. That's why I bought the special equipment to put on my shoes.